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Booklymarks by The Jolly Club!

We’re so excited to share a fun new project we’ve start with our friend at The Jolly Club... monthly Booklymarks!

But first, let us introduce you our friend Caitlin (not a Katherine, but close)… She’s a very talented graphic designer and illustrator, and she founded The Jolly Club just last year. They make bright and playful cards and tags for every holiday, and there’s always new inspiration on The Jolly Club’s instagram.

Starting this month, we’re excited to announce that The Jolly Club will be creating Booklymarks for each of our monthly reads! It’s a fun way to get creative with our book-of-the-month and share some creativity with you all, our fellow readers 🙂

We couldn’t pick just one, so here are the first installments of our Booklymarks for this month’s read; Hyperbole and a Half.

Simply click and download, print double-sided, cutout, and mark!
Happy reading…

BooklyMark_Hyperbole BooklyMark_Hyperbole_v2














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