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{Ender’s Game} Discussion

Hey folks. Life’s been kinda crazy these past few months… so you’ll notice half of us are missing. But not to worry – we’ll all be back next month! For how, here’s a snap shot of KC and KS’ thoughts on Ender’s Game…

How would you grade this book?

KC: I’d give it a B… it was entertaining and had an interesting story to tell, but the pacing was off.

KS: C+. Like KC said, the pacing REALLY bothered me. I get irritated with books that aren’t enjoyable all the way through.

Who was your favorite character? Didn’t have one? Who was your least favorite?

KS: Valentine. Mostly because I liked her relationship with Ender.

KC: Petra. Partially because she was the only girl in the battle school, but also because she seems like a badass.

Did you like the ending, yay or nay?

KC: Yay. The last 50 pages were the best part.

KS: It depends on which part. The final battle I found enjoyable and redeemed some of the more boring parts. But the scene with the bugger queen felt a little cheesy.

Would you recommend this book to a friend (or a frenemy)?

KC: I’d recommend this to the right person.

KS: Exactly what KC said.

Did you learn something new?

KC: Not necessarily. But it made me think of a few things differently.

KS: Not really, but the final battle did make you think a little.


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