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{re}Introducing Kathryn D.

My turn to (re)introduce myself. Bookly member Katie reporting for duty. I’m a Kathryn with a “y” and since there are two of us, we can all agree it is the correct spelling.

12912646_254166101596650_1448692190_nWhen I’m not struggling to take a selfie for this where I don’t either have no nose (see above) or look like a reject from “Tales from the Crypt,” I am a resident physician in Manhattan – which also makes me the nerdiest of the Kathryns.

I’m currently waist-deep in studying for my board exams so have been a little MIA. Once that is all over, I look forward to returning to my “normal” life of books, Central Park, my lovely friends, and eating cereal for dinner way more than one should!

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