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{re}Introducing Katherine C.

Hi all! Sorry for the delay. If you’ve been following along you may remember we’ve been {re}introducing ourselves since starting this, the second year, of our Bookly Club. The three other founding Katherines have all preceded me (Katharine, Kathryn and Kathryn) … And I’m the last to reintroduce myself! Last, but not least, right?

IMG_4723Well, I figured now was a good time since I’m actually wearing make-up for a change and my toddler is out of the house. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two girls under two. I live in the great city of Chicago, IL. I have a Masters in Interior Design and was a formerly in Marketing/Design for an architecture firm. My goal is to survive the next few pre-school years and then start my own graphic design and lettering business (re: the Bookly logo). But for now it’s diapers, tantrums, early bedtimes, spit-up, and on a good day an adventurous visit to the park. AND I’m blessed with the best family, friends, and husband/co-parent a girl could ask for. He even loves books (almost) as much as I do. Feel free to follow along at@katiecragwall, otherwise I’ll see you around at @thebooklyclub! Thanks for reading 😊

PS – that’s #oliverbatmancragwall in the background #dontforgetaboutollie

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