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Amazon in Brick and Mortar

Since its beginning in July of 1994 people have said Amazon would put booksellers (and eventually printers) out of business. Well, against all odds, it hasn’t happened. And with people like us out there, we don’t expect it to happen anytime soon, or ever. In fact, did you know print book sales have been outpacing e-book sales over the past few years? And the next generation of readers is driving this trend. So there’s plenty of room for hope. But Katherine C. predicted a new trend that’s now here (check out her masters thesis from 2012 about how digital brands would do well to present their brands in physical space). Since 2015 Amazon has been experimenting in brick and mortar retail by opening physical stores. There are seven open locations (NYC, Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Chicago, and in Lynnfield and Dedham, Massachusetts) with six more opening in 2017. And last week Katherine C. visited the Chicago location. There are more than a few things that make this store very different from other bookstores… All books are rated …

{re}Introducing Katherine C.

Hi all! Sorry for the delay. If you’ve been following along you may remember we’ve been {re}introducing ourselves since starting this, the second year, of our Bookly Club. The three other founding Katherines have all preceded me (Katharine, Kathryn and Kathryn) … And I’m the last to reintroduce myself! Last, but not least, right? Well, I figured now was a good time since I’m actually wearing make-up for a change and my toddler is out of the house. I’m a stay-at-home mom of two girls under two. I live in the great city of Chicago, IL. I have a Masters in Interior Design and was a formerly in Marketing/Design for an architecture firm. My goal is to survive the next few pre-school years and then start my own graphic design and lettering business (re: the Bookly logo). But for now it’s diapers, tantrums, early bedtimes, spit-up, and on a good day an adventurous visit to the park. AND I’m blessed with the best family, friends, and husband/co-parent a girl could ask for. He even loves …

{re}Introducing Kathryn H.

It’s time for another round of (re)introductions to one of our authors. I am one of the two Kathryns who spells our name with a “y” (clearly the correct way if we own 50% of the Kathryn market share here at Bookly). I currently live in Washington Heights (NYC) with my husband, but we are about a week away from our brand new, permanent roommate arriving in the form of our first child – a daughter! After years of working in public relations for corporate clients, I left to pursue a new career and am now lucky enough to hold my dream job. I teach a 4s/5s class at a school for children with special needs – primarily language-based learning disabilities. Every day is an adventure and I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend my days! When I’m not at school, you can usually find me at one of our favorite neighborhood spots (Fort Tryon Park is our backyard), with family (particularly my husband’s sisters), or friends. When I’m at home, I’m usually reading (mostly baby books right …

{re}Introducing Kathryn D.

My turn to (re)introduce myself. Bookly member Katie reporting for duty. I’m a Kathryn with a “y” and since there are two of us, we can all agree it is the correct spelling. When I’m not struggling to take a selfie for this where I don’t either have no nose (see above) or look like a reject from “Tales from the Crypt,” I am a resident physician in Manhattan – which also makes me the nerdiest of the Kathryns. I’m currently waist-deep in studying for my board exams so have been a little MIA. Once that is all over, I look forward to returning to my “normal” life of books, Central Park, my lovely friends, and eating cereal for dinner way more than one should! Follow me and my pup @kateedean  

{re}Introducing Katharine S.

We are now in the first month of our second year, and we thought it might be a good time to (re)introduce ourselves! So for the next few months we’ll be re-introducing one of our four members. So, let’s begin: I’m Katharine, the one who spells our name with two “a”s – it’s a family spelling (in fact, I’m the 8th Katharine in a row on my maternal side!). I live in Baltimore with my husband and an absurd amount of books (seriously, I buy them way faster than I can read them). When I’m not working as a communications coordinator, you can find me reading with a mug of tea, binge watching Friday Night Lights, or eating my way through Charm City. I’m also a contributor for the @cf_foundation blog + the Read It Forward (@bookbento) newsletter. Follow me at @katharinescrivfor more snippets of my corner of the internet! Thanks for reading with us.