About Us

Welcome to The Bookly Club. Thanks for coming!

The Bookly Club is an online book club for all. You’ll find there are all different “types” of book clubs out there. There’s the type that reads mostly chick-lit, or serious non-fiction meant to affect change, or young adult novels set in dystopian futures where everyone’s assigned their own love triangle, or only high brow critically-acclaimed literature. Well, we like them all! No judgement here. We don’t read one type of book, The Bookly Club reads them all.

Who are we? We’re four college friends who are ALL named “Katherine” (evidently the girls’ names in the 1980’s weren’t very original). KatherineKatharineKathryn, and Kathryn.


2012 at Katharine’s wedding


2006 at Katie’s 21st birthday


 And this is our long-distance book club. Years after college, we’re now spread out between New York, Chicago and Baltimore. We get together as often as we can, but one thing we’ve always wanted to do was join a book club together. Well, since geography is getting in our way… here we are!  After over 10 years of friendship, The Bookly Club is the answer to the geography that separates us.


{ The Rules }
  1. The reading materials can take any form… novels, articles, poems, graphic novels, etc.
  2. Nothing over 400 pages
  3. Every Bookly book has a monthly theme


What’s do we mean by “monthly theme?” Each month The Bookly Club reads something fitting for that month and the time of year. For example, September is back-to-school month. So, we’ll be reading a classic from a high school required reading list. Remember those? Once a month we come together, on this blog, to chat and exchange ideas about our latest book-of-the-month. Stay tuned!


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