Kathryn H.

Where do you live and where do you call home?
I live in New York City, and though I have lived there for almost eight years, I still can’t help but say I’m from Ohio! I’m a northeastern Ohio girl at heart, and I guess you’d say I have two “homes” because of that.

How do you make money?
I teach preschool at a school for children with learning differences in New York. This is my second career (the first being public relations), and I love it so much!

Favorite book series
I have a problem with series, because once I start, I cannot stop, even if it’s terrible (case in point: 50 Shades of Gray). Not loving a series, though, is quite rare. At this point, I would say my favorite is Game of Thrones.

What book(s) are you ashamed to have read AND loved?
I have read and loved every book ever written by Nicholas Sparks. I will continue to read, and likely love, every book that Nicholas Sparks ever writes.

Favorite cocktail
There was a delicious cocktail that the other “Kathryn”s and I used to make in college called “The Hills.” It’s orange and grapefruit juice with vodka, Midori, and then topped with champagne. It’s amazing, and meant to be consumed one at a time.

Your favorite book(s)
My all-time favorite book is Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman. Published in the 1940s, the book tells the story of a young girl who moves to Canada for the fresh air to help her lungs. She meets a Canadian mountie and moves to northern Canada with him. Her life is incredibly difficult, she proves her physical and emotional strength time and again, lives a great love story, and, oh yeah, her name is Kathryn Mary. It was the last book my mom read before giving birth to me, and ta-da! I was named after her.

What’s one thing you will never do?
I will never smoke. I have never even held a cigarette in my fingers, and I can say without a doubt that will never change.

What fictional character do you have the biggest crush on?
Jon Snow.

What was the last book you really loved?
I really loved World War Z, though I suspect if I answer this question after I finish the next two books on my list (Yes Please and All the Light We Cannot See) the answer would change.

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?
The glass is always half-full, even when it’s not!