About Bookly

Welcome to The Bookly Club. Thanks for coming!

The Bookly Club is an online book club for all. You’ll find there are all different “types” of book clubs out there; the type that reads mostly chick-lit, or serious non-fiction meant to affect change, or young adult novels set in dystopian futures where everyone’s assigned their own love triangle, or only high brow critically-acclaimed literature. Well, we like them all! No judgement here. We don’t read one type of book, The Bookly Club reads all types.

{ The Rules }
  1. The reading materials can take any form… novels, articles, poems, graphic novels, etc.
  2. Nothing over 400 pages
  3. Every Bookly book has a monthly theme


What makes The Bookly Club a little different is our monthly themes. Each month(s) focuses on a book that fits the time of year. This idea started because one of us tends to read only certain types of books at certain times of the year. For example, who wants to read In Cold Blood on a bright spring day? No. A book like that is made for an overcast fall day.

And so… each month we pick a book that we think matches the season. Here’s a peek at our monthly themes…




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