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Interested in the joining The Bookly Club? We’d love to have you!
Since Bookly is hosted entirely online, here are some great ways to get involved…

  • Follow Us

    To receive emails with our latest updates click the “JOIN” button in the sidebar to the right »—»
    You can also follow us on twitter and instagram for up-to-date news and inspiration.
    Or, join our group on goodreads.

  • Read Along

    Read along with us each month and feel free to comment on our posts to be part of the Bookly conversation, we want to hear your thoughts too!

  • Host Your Own

    Wherever you are, get some friends together (no, they don’t have to be named Katherine) and host your own in-person Bookly group! Read along with us each month, then host a meeting to chat about your thoughts on the latest Bookly reads and posts.

  • Share

    Share your Bookly thoughts and experiences by posting on twitter and instagram using the #BooklyMark hashtag

  • Contact Us

    We’re open to new ideas and suggestions. You can contact us to recommendation future reads, share what you did or didn’t like, what you’d like to see more of from Bookly, or anything else that comes to mind…


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