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Our First Year of Bookly!

Hooray! We’ve officially completed one year of Bookly.

If you’ve been following along since the beginning (thank you!) you might remember we read our very first book last March. The book was Still Alice. And we’ve read a lot of other great ones over this past year (the short and smart We Should All be Feminists, a good tug at the heart strings from Tell The Wolves I’m Home, and the bizarre but fascinating The Handmaid’s Tale, to name a few).

TEWWG_BookCoverThis year we’ve also shared some great cover redesigns,
newsworthy bulletins, and helpful recommendations! And we hope you’ve enjoyed it all, and maybe learned a little something new. We’ve definitely enjoyed sharing these past 12 months (and 9 books) with you all!

With February coming to a close, that means we’re starting a whole new year of Bookly picks and posts. And if you’re new here we hope you’ll join the Bookly club!

Here’s a little refresher on how our book club works, AND a few hints at what we’ll be reading this year 🙂

The Bookly Club was started as an online book club for all by four college friends ALL named “Katherine.” We’re now spread out between New York, Chicago and Baltimore. We get together as often as we can, but one thing we’ve always wanted to do was join a book club together. And since geography gets in our way… here we are!

{ The Rules }
  1. The reading materials can take any form… novels, articles, poems, graphic novels, etc.
  2. Nothing over 400 pages
  3. Every Bookly book has a monthly theme

What makes Bookly a little different is our monthly themes. Each month focuses on a book that fits that time of year…

FullViewCalendar{March} Hollywood’s award season has just wrapped, so now we compare and contrast… was the book better than the movie? This year we’ve chosen a controversial book turned film that was nominated as an Oscar best picture in 2016.

{April} As the month dedicated to foolish pranks, it’s a good time to see the humor in all things… and there’s no one better to show us than an alumnus of The Office.

{May / June} School’s out for the summer! So now’s the time to dig into a beautiful, tragic and classic YA read from the late 90’s.

{July} As our most patriotic month, this month we choose a non-fiction book to teach us more about our history as Americans. This year we’ll be reading a controversial book that brings up questions of who has the right to tell the story of others, and why?

{August} Finally, beach season is here! It’s time to soak up some sun, and the perfect beach read about three separate lives that come together in brave and unexpected ways.

{September} It’s back-to-school season, so we’ll be reading something off the required reading list… a an absolute classic that has recently come back into the spotlight.

{October} Spooooky! Now’s the perfect time for a good ghost story. This year we’ve chosen the story of a family haunted by the very sudden and mysterious loss of their daughter.

{November} Families are by nature dysfunctional. And there’s nothing like the start of the holiday season to bring that to light. This year’s book will tell the story of a family so dysfunctional they hide their secrets away in the attic.

{December / January} It’s time to learn something new! And for 2017 get ready to learn about a phase of life you probably never thought you’d need / want to know more about.

{February} The perfect time for a classic love story… surprisingly some of us have gone decades without reading this classic. Maybe we’ve just been too proud, until now.

Intrigued? Get ready for another great year (even better, we hope) of Bookly.
Happy reading!

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