Katharine S.

12783436_790554651080786_1648686313_nI’m Katharine, the one who spells our name with two “a”s – it’s a family spelling (in fact, I’m the 8th Katharine in a row on my maternal side!). I live in Baltimore with my husband and an absurd amount of books (seriously, I buy them way faster than I can read them). When I’m not working as a communications coordinator, you can find me reading with a mug of tea, binge watching Friday Night Lights, or eating my way through Charm City. I’m also a contributor for the @cf_foundation blog + the Read It Forward (@bookbento) newsletter. Follow me at @katharinescriv or @kathareads for more snippets of my corner of the internet! Thanks for reading with us.


Where do you live and where do you call home?
Baltimore, Maryland, also known as Charm City. And yes, it’s quite charming!

Favorite book series
I have to go with Sweet Valley High. I will always and forever be Team Elizabeth.

What book(s) are you ashamed to have read AND loved?
The Twilight Series. I also loved the movies. #dontjudge

Do you have an e-reader? Why or why not?
I do! I think Katie C. almost unfriended me when I finally caved and bought one. But for me it makes reading more convenient, something that’s key when it comes to reading the massive inventory of books I’ve collected. I still buy “actual” books because I love them, I’m just more selective. And if I love a book I own the e-reader version of, I sometimes buy it in paperback so I can have a physical copy on my shelf.

Your life’s motto
Live in the present and keep hope in your heart.

Your favorite book(s)
Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert; Wild by Cheryl Strayed; The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; The Help by Kathryn Stockett; Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn; Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. I could go on, and this list is always growing, but those are a good start.

Who knows you best?
Probably my husband, Mike (we’ve known each other for half our lives), tied with my mom. And then closely followed by Katie C.

What fictional character do you have the biggest crush on?
Tim Riggins. No contest.

What activities did you do in high school?
I was in the National Honor Society and on the literary magazine. Classic high school nerd.

The greatest television show of all time
It’s a tie between “Gilmore Girls” (I was lucky enough to visit the set when I was 17, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation) and “Friday Night Lights” (which I’ve watched in its entirety twice, and am considering a third viewing. If that show came to life I would immediately move to Dillon, Texas.).

You can also find me at
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