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Illustrating Adventures

Since this month we’re reading a graphic novel of sorts (Hyperbole and a Half ), we thought it’d be a great time to learn more about the genre. And who better to learn from than an illustrator and comic book author? Introducing, Dan Hood!

Read on to learn about his Illustrating Adventures, comic books, and be one of the first to see Dan’s latest comic, The Green Bowl


Dan_Hood_2Tell us a little about yourself and your work…

I grew up drawing, creating, doodling. It’s really the only thing that never gets boring to me and is definitely a driving force in my life. I graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in comic books, which is funny to tell people. I enjoy making comics, but I also enjoy animation and painting as well.

What do you love about graphic novels and comics?

The way story and art are in harmony achieving something more than what they can accomplish individually! It’s a very beautiful thing.

What are some facts people might not know about this genre?

Great question! The strips of emptiness in-between the panels are technically called “gutters”! Also, ComicCons are cool, but there are also really neat smaller publishing expos to check out like CAKE in Chicago, it’s FREE!

Do you have any favorites you might recommend?

Beautiful Darkness

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Winsor McCay is a big-time inspiration to me. He wrote and drew the Little Nemo comic strip in the early 1900’s and was a pioneer in animation as well. A newer release I really like is Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët. It’s got this “reality or fantasy” theme that is super disturbing. Gus & His Gang by Christophe Blain has cool wild west adventures. Also, my friend got me hooked on reading the manga One Piece by Eiichiro Oda, which is a lot of fun!

Have you read Hyperbole and a Half, what did you think?

I’m not as familiar with reading blogs, especially in a sort of diary format combining comic strips and narrative text, but I really enjoyed it. There is some serious subject matter in there, but it’s spoken to in a really empowering and humorous way. If anything, Allie Brosh seems really honest about herself, and that’s really inspiring.

Tell us a little about your comic, The Green Bowl…

The Green Bowl is my self-published comic about a superhero who loves smoking weed. It’s pretty silly, but that’s kind of the idea. It has jokes, romance, villainy. All of the things that make superhero comics rad. The first issue is completed and is expected to hit shelves/cyberspace soon!

To read more about The Green Bowl’s adventures, click here!

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