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Sooner rather than later

Hello, all. Long time no talk to. I have to say, it was a good thing we decided to combine May and June and to just read one book over two months… phew! Life’s been busy!

Anyway… I did finish Ender’s Game a few weeks ago. And I have mixed feelings. Overall, I liked it. But I feel like my impression suffered a little from high expectations. I know this is a favorite for a lot of readers in my generation, and I can see why. But it didn’t quite hook me as strongly.

Mostly because I didn’t love the pacing. It felt to me a lot like the third book in the Hunger Game series… 200 pages were dedicated to some very slow-paced events, and then the remaining pages had years worth of action. It felt a little rushed.

But the sprint to the finish line aside, there were some really interesting themes that pulled me in…

  • The difference between the male and female persona. Although I’m not entirely sure this book depicted those differences accurately, and I’ve read some disappointing things about the author’s views on women (just for a start);
  • The power of the written words vs. the power of battle;
  • The lies that adults feed children… in some ways the book felt like and elongated allegory for the tradition of Santa Claus;
  • And the list goes on… religion, hate, love, family, etc.

I did enjoy how prevalent and thoughtful these themes were. And I think it could make interesting required reading or kids in school with lots to discuss. I just wish Card had gotten to the point a little sooner rather than later.

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