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Great, Just Not for Me…

I’m sure the title of this post made you say “WHAT?!” And I don’t blame you. Let me start by saying I’m the wrong person to review this book. Why? I’m not a short story person. I enjoy the occasional short horror story and I have a slightly higher tolerance for personal essays or memoir-based short stories a la David Sedaris. But fictional short stories are just not my jam, and they honestly never have been. Generally, when I see those words on the cover of a book, the book goes back on the shelf. I give you this information so you understand my biases before you read any further.

Let me start with the positive. This is a smart read. I was consistently and repeatedly impressed with how intelligently written all of B.J. Novak’s stories were. They are all based in that intellectual, thought-provoking humor that manages to still be just a little silly and a little absurd. I really enjoyed it. It’s also an incredibly fast read. I have a Kindle, and after reading for an hour I realized I was more than a quarter finished. I appreciate a fast read. Lastly, and this is a bit redundant of my first point, it is just good. B.J. Novak is a great writer and this is a great book, full of great lines. I think my favorite is the closer from the story about walking on the moon: “That’s honestly all I can come up with, pro-moon wise. To each his own, I suppose.”

The negative? As it turns out, even when they’re as objectively good as the ones in this book, I’m just not that into short stories. But if you are, and really, even if you aren’t, you should read One More Thing.

Oh, and one more thing (pun intended). You should check out The Book With No Pictures (his children’s book) while you’re at it. It’s a delight.

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