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Pleasantly Surprised

Hi all! Sorry I’m a little behind the curve this month. Non-stop coughs and stuffy noses have kept me preoccupied.

But I’ll get to the point. I really enjoyed our October book! I didn’t have many expectations. Until voting on this as our October selection I hadn’t even heard of this book. But it was a pleasant surprise. I thought it was a great story, and it was very well written. It was hard to read at times, considering it was about the abduction of a daughter, and the subsequent but inevitable decline of a formerly nuclear family. But I was on the edge of my seat the entire 375 pages.

I loved how the author referred to certain characters as just “he” or “the boy.” It gave the characters just enough anonymity to build relatability. But at the same time, he managed to write the characters with such depth and realism. I love when a writer can tell you so much in just a few words. And that’s what it was like reading Descent. Johnston constructed so much emotion and suspense with just a few well-chosen words. And speaking of suspense, the story itself was like the best law and order SVU episode you’ve ever seen. Like one of those 3-part events where Olivia finally cuffs the especially gruesome bad guy after an entire season of torment. Ya know?

So, if you haven’t heard of this one, or don’t have it on your list, you should definitely make this your next thriller/suspense/mystery read. Happy reading!

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