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Deeply Disturbing

Whoa. That was … interesting. Somehow it felt very 70’s. I’m not sure why. Were the 70’s filled with child abuse and incest? This book would make you think so. Yikes.

So yeah, Flowers in the Attic was very dark. I guess that’s to be expected considering the fact it’s about a narcissistic mother who locks her four children in an Attic for years. There’s that tiny happy part in the beginning, and then you just drudge for hundreds of pages through the poor lives of these innocent children living like abused zoo animals. It was pretty sad at parts, and really disturbing at others. And to what end? I’m not sure. I feel like for a book to have such dark and disturbing content there should be a reason for it… a particular message, lesson learned, or necessary story to tell. But with Flowers in the Attic there didn’t seem to be a need for half of it… like when Chris feeds them his blood. Really?

Although, I will say I liked the ending. It helped me change my mind about the book. If there’d been a different ending I wouldn’t have liked the book. But the ending brought things full circle and presented a few good twists. It made me want to read on about the future of the Dollangangers… but maybe on Wikipedia instead of the rest of the series. If there were about 50 fewer pages in the middle (a little less cannibalism and incest) I would have liked it. But I think my final thoughts are… indifferent. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it.

But I AM intrigued by the Lifetime movie…

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