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Consider My Heartstrings Pulled

picture of Salt to the Sea on a bench

For years I’ve claimed to not like historical fiction. This book might be the one to change my mind.

I’d heard it was wonderful, touching, a can’t miss, etc. etc., but for some reason I still put it off, fearful I’d have to force my way through. BUT, I am happy to report I was 100% wrong — I was hooked from the first few pages, and flew through the story in five days (which is fairly quickly for me).

When I first started, I was worried I’d have trouble keeping track of the characters and their ever-changing perspectives. It turns out that was quite the opposite. The way Sepetys developed each character, slowly revealing their stories — and struggles — made me eager to keep reading, long past my bedtime. Each character was so compelling — yes, even, Alfred — I couldn’t help but cheer them on as they made their journey to what they hoped would be a better future.

And can I just say, that last chapter (don’t worry, no spoilers!) KILLED me. I was so happy we got a little bit of a conclusion. #allthetears

Needless to say, I’d highly recommend Salt to the Sea, even if — like me — you aren’t a fan of historical fiction or — also like me — aren’t a huge reader of YA. Sepetys’ does a masterful job of drawing you in and making you emotionally invested in every page.

Has anyone read her other books? I’m thinking I might have to add them to my wish list.

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