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December / January Book

It’s that time of year when your calendar starts to look really cluttered, your to do list grows longer, and you start to consider resolutions for the new year. Well, every year we resolve to read a book that teaches us something new. And something we all need to learn so much more about is our country’s healthcare system.

So, the December/January book we’ve picked is T.R. Reid’s The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care. It’s a brief 250 pages with chapters like “Different Models, Common Principles,” “Too Big to Change,” and five separate chapters examining the systems of different countries (France, Germany, Japan, Canada, the UK). Also, there’s an afterword titled “‘Obamacare’ Explained,” which we all need to read. Anyone else feeling like our healthcare system is intimidating and confusing?! We feel like reading this is a step in the right direction.

The author Reid is a career journalist who, for this book, visited over half a dozen different countries to examine their health care and use each one to illustrate the successes and failures of different models. His overarching theme is contrasting the various health care systems of the developed world with the United States.

Let’s be honest, our system is most clearly broken. We have a lot to learn, both about what works in other countries, and what doesn’t in ours. With all the dialogue going on about health care in our country, it’s hard to differentiate fact from fiction. But all of us at The Bookly Club are interested in learning more. Outside of many other factors (including the fact we’re all women whose rights are at risk with new legislation), one of us is a physician, one has a serious pre-existing condition, one is married to someone with a chronic pre-existing condition, and another works with children with special needs. We all (yourselves included) need to learn more about this mutating beast that is health care. A system so many of our lives depend on.

We hope you’ll read along with us and learn something new. When you read along, please share using #booklymark!

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