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September Books

We’re doing a little something different this month. Like always, we’re reading in the theme of “back to school,” but when voting among the four of us on what to read we ended up with a tie. So we’re reading them both! Don’t worry, they’re very short. And this way you can read one or both along with us.

The first is a brief and approachable 80-page instruction on the subject of physics by Italian theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli. In this tiny international bestseller Rovelli offers relatively easy explanations of general relativity, quantum mechanics, gravity, black holes, and the role humans play in this weird and wonderful world. So if you have any interest in physics, or more likely if you just feel like getting a taste of those school years again and learning something new, read this one with us this September!

The second, The Giver by Lois Lowry, is a classic school days favorite. Some of us are reading it this month for the first time, and some are revisiting a childhood favorite. The story of life in an idyllic community where citizens are assigned their roles, partners, jobs, and every turn in their path of life is predetermined. Or so it seems. It’s a story that begs the questions, what makes a utopian society? What does it mean to be perfect? And what does that cost?

Like always, we look forward to reading with you all. And we hope to hear your thoughts! Share on social using #booklymark 🙂

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