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August Book

We’ve picked our August beach readThe Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker … and we hope you’ll read with us! We’re definitely in the mood for a good summer read we can take along to the beach, the pool, or on those sweaty summer commutes. Whatever your plans, The Simple Wild seems like a great addition to the summer TBR (to-be-read list).

And reading with us is pretty simple…

  1. pick up a copy of The Simple Wild and read along with us anytime before the end of August.
  2. keep in touch on social using #booklymark and tagging @thebooklyclub.
  3. stay tuned for our discussion post on Instagram and our reviews here on the blog at the end of the month so we can chat all about it!

But enough of that, on to why we’re so excited about our latest pick. K.A. Tucker is a new author to us, but we’ve heard nothing but good things from other readers who’ve already picked up The Simple Wild (nominated for Goodreads Best Romance in 2018). Author of over a dozen other novels—everything from romance to thrillers to YA fantasy—Tucker specializes in what she calls “captivating stories with an edge.” And The Simple Wild, Tucker’s 17th novel (give or take), falls into a category she calls “standalone contemporary romance.”

It’s the story of Calla Fletcher, a city girl whose life takes a twist, and a turn, landing in her the Alaskan wild. Since the age of two she’s been living her life in Toronto, far from her estranged father Wren Fletcher. But then she gets the call that changes everything. Wren’s days are numbered, and it’s time for Calla to travel back to her birthplace and give their relationship a last chance. In the remote Alaskan town Calla is out of place to say the least. Far from what she knows as home, she finds herself wandering the wilderness, encountering foreign wildlife and the less charming parts of rural life. Least charming of all is Jonah, the local pilot who labels her as unfit for life in the wilderness on the outset. Determined to prove him wrong, Calla surprises herself by feeling deeper connections to this distant home, and to Jonah. But Calla doesn’t plan to stay, and Jonah would never leave.

We’re definitely intrigued! If you’re the slightest bit interested you should most definitely read with us. It will be a fun one, we promise. And we’d love to hear from you!

Happy reading, Bookly friends 🙂

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