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Just Awe Inspiring

Bryan Stevenson’s writing is an astonishing testament to our failures as a society and the remarkable lengths one person can go to to try to right our course. He has spent his adult life advocating for those who have been so unjustly sacrificed to an incredibly flawed system. He has continued passion for his pursuits that is awe inspiring. What he has accomplished and created has benefited the lives of so many people and their families and friends. Not every man or woman can look beyond someone’s label of “criminal, thief, liar, rapist, or murderer” and see what potential is still there, what humanity is still there. 

You can’t separate this work from the author. But what I can say is that as an author, Stevenson is gifted. He layers several stories, characters, and legal jargon in a remarkable way. He puts so much care into the way he writes about his clients, his own experiences, and explaining how we are good people but end up doing such horrible things to one another. He draws humanity from people who are so incredibly flawed on both sides of the criminal justice system. 

We are all humans and we share this world. We are all deeply flawed but are all capable of forgiveness and mercy. This work is a call to action for us all and I highly recommend it be read by all. It is one of the most remarkable things and stirring things I’ve read in some time. I admit that it might be a tough pill to chew given the current climate. But perhaps, when the dust has settled and we don’t have so much strain in our daily lives, I would give this book a read. Amazing.

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