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August Book

At The Bookly Club we pick a book for August that fits in your beach bag. Not literally (although if a book doesn’t fit in your beach bag you’re doing it wrong), but it should be a book you’d want with you on a day at the beach. Granted, this year’s a little bit different. A lot-a-bit different actually. Beach-going and summer vacations aren’t the care-free relaxing endeavors they once were. In fact, if you’re like us, they aren’t happening at all. Or if we do, our beach bags are over-stuffed with PPE and hand sanitizers, and maybe a book.

But no matter where we’re reading from this summer, we’re still in the mood for a “beach read.” Something that moves fast, isn’t too long, with maybe a touch of romance, likeable characters, and light on the gravitas. And Diane Chamberlain’s The Stolen Marriage fits that bill for us!

A lifelong book lover, and author since the late 1980’s, Chamberlain has authored dozens of novels. And The Stolen Marriage is one of her more recent books; first released in the fall of 2017.

My stories are often filled with twists and surprises and–I hope–they also tug at the emotions. Relationships — between men and women, parents and children, sisters and brothers – are always the primary focus of my books. I can’t think of anything more fascinating than the way people struggle with life’s trials and tribulations, both together and alone.

The Stolen Marriage is set on the East coast in the 1940’s (North Carolina by way of Baltimore), it tells the story of Tess DeMello and how one night changes the course of her life forever. During a time of war and the Polio epidemic, this young nurse finds herself having to navigate layers of secrets, tragedy and somehow get back to the life she wants to live. There are some heavier themes sprinkled in the story, but it’s fast-paced and hopeful. Also, ironic that we’ve picked a story taking place during an epidemic. Good or bad? We’ll find out.

We hope you’ll read along with us! It’s really simple, here’s how …

  1. Pick up a copy from where ever you get your books, and read along with us anytime between now and the end of August
  2. Keep us posted on social using #booklymark and tagging @thebooklyclub
  3. Stay tuned for our discussion post on Instagram and/or our reviews here on the blog to share our thoughts

Happy reading, friends!

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