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{Their Eyes Were Watching God} Cover Redesign

In the years since this book was published, there have been quite a few iterations of the cover design. None of which have been terrible, but I figured it’d be a fun redesign none-the-less.


This design was inspired by the reoccurring theme of the pear tree (among others). Early on in the story the young protagonist, Janie, sits beneath a pear tree and ponders life and love. All in one, the tree symbolizes her memories, hopes, and the blossoming of her dreams. And then throughout the story Hurston uses the pear tree, and others, as symbols of Janie’s life… “Janie saw her life like a a great tree.” So, here it is…



Title Font: Hitalica
Caption Font: Georgia
Pear Illustration: “The Beurre Diel Pear” Augusta Innes Withers, Hand-colored Engraving


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