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Confession Time

I have to admit, like Katie C., I was hesitant going in to this novel. I have complicated feelings about Amy Schumer — I thinks she’s funny, but can only take so much of her. 300+ pages of her humor had me a little nervous.

But here’s my biggest confession: I didn’t finish it. And not because I didn’t like it, but because I wasn’t in to it. I also have made a new promise to myself to stop reading books I’m not enjoying. With over 300 unread books on my shelf (I’m not exaggerating), it’s becoming increasingly clear that abandoning books needs to be something I’m okay with. Otherwise I’ll never come even close to making that unread number smaller.

Maybe at another time when I didn’t have so many other,  heavier books (ahem, Fates & Furies) calling my name I would have been able to muddle through. I laughed out loud a couple times in the beginning, and read some lines out loud to my husband, but like I am with her humor, it quickly became old.

I will say that I was surprised at how personal she got, and while I appreciated it, it also didn’t jive with the rest of the humor. It was hard for me to take her seriously when two seconds ago she’d made a joke about her vagina.

This book will remain on my shelf, and is one I will recommend to anyone who I think might enjoy it. I’m hopeful that come summer, I’ll come back to it. Because we can ALL use a good dose of funny in our lives.

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