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Bum Bum!

Ok so I totally agree with Katie – this is like an SVU episode. Which I love. Except that there is no Stabler. This book has no Stabler. So you can stop reading here.

Just kidding – this book is not going rewire your whole literary life but it is fun, it is creepy, and it is a great autumn evening read. Brian Freeman hits the ground running from the first scene.  Probably the thing that he does, that I love the most, is that he keeps the story moving. There is very little dead time with the mystery and he manages to do that without making the scenario super convoluted. I mean its a crazy pants story but it isn’t muddled with characters or asides or distractors.

Part of the downfall of the pace of the story is that not too many characters are well flushed out. Frankie – I thought she had to be a secret crazy psycho because she had so little of anything going on with her.  She had a weird job and had a bad childhood but was kind of like wet paint drying. Maybe that was intentional to make room for Mr. Frost Easton because has some legs to him. But he’s not quiet there. He’s the complicated hero with more stories to tell but we got very little of that. The only other flushed out character was San Francisco. She’s the perfect backdrop to the Night Bird story.

I like it for the fun to come with Mr. Easton. Plus we still need to know more about who killed Katie!

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