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November Book

We’re back again, as we are at the beginning of every month, to announce our book for this month! This is one we’re really looking forward to since it’s been high on our to-be-read list since its release early last year. Nominated as Best Book of the Year by several publications, critically (and publicly) acclaimed, and written by a legendary author, who wouldn’t be excited for our November pick; Ann Patchett’s Commonwealth ?

Spanning the course of 50 years, Commonwealth shows us how one affair affects the lives of the four parents and six children in the Cousins and Keating families as they’re forced to become one blended, bi-coastal family. Spending summers in Virginia, the Keating and Cousins children forge a bond based on shared disillusionment and the strange but genuine affection that grows between them.

But once they’ve grown, these children are ultimately forced to look at their story a different way when it becomes the plot of a best-selling novel authored by Franny Keating’s partner.


This is Patchett’s seventh novel, but her first to be claimed as semi-autobiographical. Patchett herself had parents who divorced when she was young. Her mother then married someone with four children and moved Patchett across the country with her new family. Patchett uses her own memories in writing this novel to raise the question of whether writing fiction based on real events and people is inherently exploitative.

Told with equal measures of humor and heartbreak, Commonwealth is a meditation on inspiration, interpretation, and the ownership of stories. It is a brilliant and tender tale of the far-reaching ties of love and responsibility that bind us together.

We’re excited to read this one, and we hope you’ll read along with us! When you do, share your pictures and thoughts using #booklymark 🙂

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