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February Book

It’s a new year full of new books! Since finishing our December & January book—Women, Race and Class by Angela Y. Davis—February marks Bookly’s official start to 2019. In fact, we’re currently finalizing our list of books for this year, and we’re so excited about all of them!! But anyway, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Jasmine Guillory

February is the month of pre-fixed candlelit dinners, hallmark cards, chocolate, fuzzy hearts stitched to teddy bears, and romance. So, since we’re a book club that reads what’s fitting for the month we’re reading in, this month we read romance.

This year’s love story is a debut novel published just last year. The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory. A graduate of Wellesley College and Stanford Law, Guillory sets this story in her hometown; the Bay Area. Her writing has made her a new favorite go-to romance author of many. And since The Wedding Date she’s published a sequel, and the third in the series comes out in July. So if we love this one we’ll have two more to add to our TBR (to-be-read) lists!



“The writing is fast-paced, jumping between Alexa’s and Drew’s points of view. The two leads are charming, and both have quirky friends who add flavor to the story… Guillory’s debut is a mix of romance and raunch that will charm rom-com fans.”

Kirkus Review


The Wedding Date starts with a “meet-cute” between Alexa and Drew in a stalled hotel elevator. Drew is in San Francisco for a wedding he dreads, and Alexa is stopping by from Berkeley to visit an out-of-town guest. By the time the elevator starts up again, Alexa agrees to go to the dreaded wedding as Drew’s plus one. A spontaneous weekend pretending at boyfriend and girlfriend ends with Drew returning to L.A. (where he’s a pediatric surgeon, of course) and Alexa heads back to her job as the Berkeley Mayor’s Chief of Staff. But they can’t stop thinking about their weekend together, and with geography playing against them, they must figure out how to get what they really want.

We hope you’ll read with us, it’s really easy! Read your own pace, finishing up by the end of the month. Share any of your thoughts or updates as you’re reading here or on Instagram (don’t forget to use #booklymark). And on the last day of the month look out for our Instagram discussion post to join in the conversation! Happy reading 🙂



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