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Steam Fest

In true Drew and Alexa form, I’ll get right to it… this one kinda fell flat for me. I think that’s an unpopular opinion, so if you disagree with me you’re probably in the majority.

I had high hopes because I know a lot of others really liked The Wedding Date. But maybe my hopes were too high? Romance or love stories aren’t usually my first pick, but Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren and One Day in December by Josie Silver are two I really liked. And I’d heard Guillory’s debut would be similar. But before reading it I read a review that basically hit the nail on the head:

The book is also unexpectedly raunchy, since Alexa and Drew’s connection starts as a purely physical one and they only later develop deeper feelings. The characters never find a situation that doesn’t turn them on at least a little bit” (Kirkus Review)

I’m fine with some steam and a good love story, but for me things were a bit unbalanced. I liked the story and the characters, but it felt like it was all steam and not enough substance. So I had a problem getting invested in it because it felt like the book was entirely of sex scenes. So I’m sorry to say I wasn’t a fan, but I would still give a different Guillory book a chance.

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